foundation21 is a non profit organisation which seeks to enhance and support existing services and to raise the public’s awareness of the positive contributions individuals with Down syndrome make in our community. Our work is carried out entirely by volunteers.

foundation21 is dedicated to helping families who have a child with Down syndrome keep up to date with information, resources and in some instances, assist financially to help access the extra services that their child requires.

It has been widely published that to maximise communication development in children with Down syndrome they should receive early and continuing instruction. 

We chose the name foundation21 to reflect the fact that individuals with Down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21.

We raise funds through corporate sponsorships, donations, bequests and other fundraising initiatives. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Our Mission

To give children with Down syndrome a brighter future….

The foundation’s work

  • New Parent Kit – Information to help new parents understand Down syndrome.
  • Grants – f21 offers grants to fund education, information and social programs.
  • Magazine – Developed to communicate events, updates and new information.
  • D.A.D.S. – Assisting and supporting fathers and families of individuals with Down syndrome through fellowship.
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Upcoming Events

Events are a big part of how we raise awareness and funds for our cause - See whats coming up next...

Dream Ride Australia

29 Mar, 2020

Cancelled due to Covid - 19

Trek The Canyons

10 Oct, 2020

Cancelled due to Covid - 19

Dream Cars & Cocktails Gala Charity Ball

18 Jun, 2022

Come party with us! Click on event page to book your tickets.